HostMaria Review 2021 (Updated) + Secret Deal

Hosting is something which every blog needs whether the blog is small or big. A good and fast hosting also helps in SEO

Earlier I have reviewed Erichost & Goviralhost which is very popular in market because of their affordability. 

Now, in this post I will talk about Hostmaria which is also a well-known hosting company for providing SSD hosting at an affordable price. 

HostMaria Review
HostMaria is an amazing SSD based hosting for all types of blogs. You can get it at just 4$ using the button below.

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So, let’s get deeper into HostMaria Review.

HostMaria Overview

HostMaria is a UK based web hosting company that provides SSD cloud hosting at an affordable price. 

The data center of HostMaria is in the United Kingdom. It is an ideal hosting for blogs receiving traffic from the U.K. and neighboring countries.

However, you can also use it for countries like India or other Asian countries because it also provides free CDN with its hosting. 

If you will buy self-managed SSD hosting directly from HostMaria, then it will cost you around $2.7 but in this article, we will tell you how you can get it for FREE. 

HostMaria Review – My Personal Experience

I have personally used HostMaria for my blog and it performed well.

I got good speed using its free CDN.

Below is the purchasing invoice of HostMaria which I purchased on 2nd January 2021.

hostmaria review

Yes, I got it for FREE for 1 year. 

Read this article on HostMaria Review because I have shared below how you can also get HostMaria hosting for FREE for 1 year. 

HostMaria Features

Currently, I am using HostMaria and I am loving it. Below I have shared some features of HostMaria so that you can also know why it is a great hosting. 

Unlimited Free SSL

In all the plans of HostMaria, you will get free SSL and for unlimited websites to make your site information and customers secure. 

Unlimited Domains

With all the plans of HostMaria, you can host unlimited domains without any stress of a slow website.

Daily Backups

We all feel a bit insecure about our website but HostMaria solves our problems as automatic daily backups are taken from their sides. 

SSD Cloud Hosting

Many of you would not be aware of the importance of disk type while choosing any hosting.

Mainly there are 2 types of disk – SSD and HDD

SSD provides faster data transfer and eventually faster speed for websites. 

How To Buy HostMaria For FREE

As I already told you that if you will buy directly from HostMaria official website, it will cost you almost $30 but I will guide you so that you can claim it for FREE.   To buy HostMaria for free, follow the steps given below.  

  1. Go to Appsumo, using the button is given below (you will not get it for free if you go directly).
  2. Then add it to your cart. It will show $4 cost but do not worry it will cost nothing to you. 
  3. Now it will ask you to sign up or log in.
  4. Sign up using your details (you will only get it if you are new to Appsumo). 
  5. Now you will get free $10 to spend on Appsumo.
  6. Now proceed Hostmaria to checkout. 
  7. Now you will get a redeem code in your purchased items dashboard.
  8. Use it to redeem at HostMaria. 
  9. Done! you got it for free

Get HostMaria For Free

NOTE: This is only for limited time. Claim it before it expires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is HostMaria hosting fast?

Yes, I have used HostMaria hosting and it is really good. The speed is amazing in the U.K. and is good for Asian countries as well. 

Is HostMaria Hosting good?

Yes, Hostmaria is amazing hosting and is made for everyone. It can hold a new blog, a blog with medium traffic, and a blog with good traffic also. 

Where is the data center of HostMaria?

The data center of HostMaria is situated in the United Kingdom and it does not have its data center anywhere else. 

Is Hostmaria reliable?

Yes, you can rely on HostMaria. Thousands of webmasters are currently using it happily. 

HostMaria Review: In A Nutshell

HostMaria is a must-try hosting. You must try it once and I have already shared how you can get HostMaria free for 1 year.

It became famous from it’s amazing deal currently running on Appsumo.  

So why not try? Click on the button given below and claim it. 

Try HostMaria

Hope you liked the article on HostMaria Review. Thanks for reading it. Please do me a favour by sharing the article. 

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