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A few days ago, the CEO of Tesla tweeted about the BabyDoge play, and after that, his popularity skyrocketed. The coin is now rising much higher and faster in the cryptocurrency market. Many investors and companies are promoting the Babydoge coin.

So if you want to invest in it too, you should start it.

How to buy a BabyDoge coin?
So, I will tell you a simple and simple way to invest or buy a coin for babies. Follow these steps to buy a BabyDoge coin.

Firstly, if you want to buy a BabyDoge coin, you must have 2 wallets-Binance and a trusted wallet.
You can simply create an account using the links below
Binance Trust Account Portfolio
After creating an account in the above wallets. Go to the Binance profile section and check your profile. Follow the screenshots below.

After checking the profile as verified. You can easily start buying and selling any cryptocurrency.
Now the next step is simple.
Just go to the main screen of the Binance app and click on the BNB currency. Click on the call option and buy BNB coins for the amount you want. With all available payment methods. After completing the transaction, you will receive the respected coins in your wallet.
After receiving the coin, go to the “home page” section of the Binance application. And go to the “wallets” section and delete all BNB coins on the trust wallet. Then go to trust wallet and see if you have received BNB or not. If you have received your respected amount of coins. Follow these steps.
Switch to BNB coin in a secure portfolio. Click the Advanced button. Click the swap to Binance chain button and select all the details, or 100% exchange. .
After the exchange is successfully completed, go back and select the Dapps option, and then click Pancakeswap to buy BabyDoge coins.
Here you will see 2 sections, In the From section, select BNB for exchange. In the to section, select corner baby dog.
simply enter the amount of the BNB coin to be exchanged and set the slip tolerance to a maximum of 12%, starting from 0.1%.
To do. Confirm the amount and you will instantly receive the respected BabyDoge tokens in your wallet.

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